Palos Verdes Peninsula Landscaping Lighting Low-voltage

Landscape Lighting

There are several reasons why professionally designed and installed landscape lighting is a great idea for your front and backyard areas. The most exciting of these reasons is the dramatic visual enhancement low voltage lighting adds to your property at night. Lighting can be installed in a way that accentuates your plants and trees, and works in symbiosis with the overall design and look of your home.

Another great reason for landscape lighting is that it increases the safety and usability of your outdoor areas. With proper lighting your family and guests will be able to easily navigate walkways that may have steps at odd intervals. Your patio or outdoor kitchen area can be accentuated to have the perfect atmosphere for evening entertaining. One of the most popular uses of low voltage landscape lighting is providing attractive illumination for safety around in-ground swimming pools.

Landscape lighting for South Bay and San Pedro CA

Aesthetic Appeal, Safety and Security

An additional benefit of landscape lighting is added security. Dark areas in and around your yard can be dangerous, particularly if they are around entry points into your home. With low voltage landscape lighting, you can shine a light on potential problem areas in your home and deter criminals late at night. This can be done by leaving the lights on throughout the nighttime hours, or by activating them with motion control sensors.

Custom Landscape Lighting Solutions Specific to Your Needs

SB Landscaping, Inc. can create an attractive, affordable landscape lighting design for homes of all styles, large or small. We utilize lighting hardware from industry leading manufacturers to ensure long life and minimal maintenance.

To arrange a landscape lighting installation consultation, contact us by phone at 310-548-1893 or email us at kalan(at) We'll start by listening to your goals, examining your property, and working with you to design an installation plan that fits your needs and budget.

Our Service Areas: The majority of our work is and around the Palos Verdes Peninsula, South Bay, and San Pedro. However, we capable of providing services from San Diego to San Francisco.