Tree Care Services

Think of tree and shrub care as an investment. A healthy tree or shrub increases in value with age - paying big dividends, increasing property values, beautifying our surroundings, purifying our air, and saving energy by providing cooling shade from summer’s heat and protection from winter’s wind.

Providing a preventive care program for your trees is like putting money in the bank. Regular maintenance, designed to promote health and vigor, ensures their value will continue to grow. Preventing a problem is much less costly and time-consuming than curing one once it has developed. An effective maintenance program, including regular inspections and the necessary follow-up care of mulching, fertilizing, and pruning, can detect problems and correct them before they become damaging or fatal. In particular, giving up close attention to your trees is a great way to determine if they need treatment for insect infestation or disease.

Considering that many tree species can live as long as 200 to 300 years, including tree care services in your overall landscape maintenance plan is an investment that will offer enjoyment and value for generations. In addition to our expert tree care, we're also able to plant new trees that will thrive in the soil, sunlight light and moisture conditions of your specific property.

tree care services for South Bay, Palos Verdes Peninsula, and San Pedro CA

We Make Sure Your Trees Stay Healthy and Beautiful

Make the first move to preserving the beauty, health, and value of your trees by giving us a call at 310-548-1893 or email us at kalan(at), with any questions you may have, or to arrange service for your home or business property.

Our Service Areas: The majority of our work is and around the Palos Verdes Peninsula, South Bay, and San Pedro. However, we capable of providing services from San Diego to San Francisco. Not sure if we service your area? Contact us and we'll let you know!